We can work with sheet metal coils and flat sheet blanks. Our in-house production equipment includes shears, brakes and other equipment capable of handling a fairly wide range of common material thicknesses and sheet sizes. We also provide CNC waterjet cutting services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication on a Brake Press

Types of Materials

  • Stainless Steel
  • Prefinished Steel
  • Prefinished Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Prime Coat Steel or Aluminum
  • Galvalume or Galvanized Steel

Gauges and Material Thickness

  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Sheets
    1” to 22ga
  • Mirror Stainless Steel Sheets
    16 ga to 22ga
  • Galvanized Sheets 10ga to 26ga
  • Paint Grip Sheets 14ga to 26ga
  • Steel Sheets 1” to 26ga
  • Aluminum Sheets 1” to .040
  • Diamond Tread Plate 3/8” to 1/8”
  • Copper 16 ounce
  • Stainless Steel Rod 3/16” to 1”

Other Materials We Offer

We have various sizes of stainless and unfinished steel perforated and expanded metal. We have many different sizes of stainless steel angle, light gauge components, round tubing, square tubing, plate and flat bar. We can order in almost any type of alloy up request. We can order almost any type of stainless steel finish or prefinished sheet metal.