What is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet Cutting Machine and Services in Oklahoma City OKWaterjet machines are specially designed pieces of equipment that can cut with laser like precision. Using a fine stream of extremely pressurized water an abrasive waterjet machine can cut through virtually any hard material. Specially designed hydraulic pumps, with a mixture of fine abrasive particles, makes this an ideal method for more complex fabrication needs.

From acrylic plastic or metal sheets to granite or plate steel a waterjet cutting process is extremely efficient and fast. We invite you to request a quote or call 405-787-4400 to get a waterjet cutting estimate.

See A Water Jet Cutter in Action

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

There are many advantages and compelling reasons to use waterjet cutting. These advantages share the common benefits of providing high quality results and lower production costs. Compared to traditional cutting techniques, especially for large or complex cutting jobs, waterjet machining is the ideal solution.

Example of Cutting Efficiency of Waterjet Abrasive Cutting on Steel Plate Production efficiency is superb when the need is to cut out many shapes from a single sheet. With CNC waterjet equipment a worker needs to only load the material blank and start the machine. A water jet machine will automatically cut out the desired shapes quickly and without the need for a worker to handle the sheet. A single worker can quickly produce numerous identical pieces without errors. Additionally, using our CAD process we can engineer the production run to get the maximum number of pieces from a single blank. This minimizes drop which saves money.

Elimination of heat damage to heat sensitive materials. Traditional methods of cutting (lasrs, saws, etc.) produce heat which can warp, melt or otherwise harm materials. Waterjet cutting can easily cut even soft materials such as rubber, acrylic and cork without any heat damage.

Enhanced design capabilities versus traditional cutting methods. Because the cutting water stream is very fine a waterjet system can easily cut intricate patterns. This is especially of value when cutting architectural components, sign letter cutouts and similar items.

Materials Suitable for Waterjet Cutting

  • Steel or Aluminum Sheets
  • Granite, Marble & Stone
  • Plate Steel
  • Rubber or Cork
  • Acrylic, Plastic or Glass
  • Kevlar or Fiberglass
  • Plastic or PVC
  • Honeycomb or Laminates